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brand dominance in the PRO channel


11 display formats produced over the past 5 years

national roll-out in PRO channel

When your portfolio includes an impressive range of heavy-duty tool brands, it’s important that your merchandising solution reflects each individual brand personality. Historically this degree of customization could become an expensive burden, not to mention an inventory managers’ nightmare. 
But with Nashville Display as their partner, JWP Industries were able to realize a fully customized display range for use in the PRO channel based on a cleverly engineered component-based system.

  • Working with a diverse range of products from specialty clamps to sledgehammers and heavy-duty hoist systems, structural integrity was a critical pillar for this successful program.
  • Starting with a 4’ End Cap framework, the development team created a fully flexible structure that could transform into a brand beacon with the use of interchangeable logo panels and a range of accessories for each product category.
  • Robust framework produced in high volume accessorized with custom shelves, hooks and product holders then finished with premium quality graphics resulted in a high impact display at a significantly lower cost than fully custom.

Given the diversity of store footprints in the PRO channel, space is often at a premium and we recognized the opportunity for increased brand presence and product placement with more flexibility in our End Cap solution. Using our 4’ framework as a platform, we developed the system to enable the following options:

  • Height and width variations
  • Modular build upright (for multi-unit installation)
  • New base deck options for different product applications
  • Expanded range of shelving for increased planogram flexibility
  • New product holders as ranges evolved

Every display is fully updatable and reconfigurable to accommodate
new product lines and brand updates.
Evolving the system:
Some brands and products, like B.A.S.H. sledge-hammers, benefit from increased use of graphics detailing unique qualities and demonstrating usage.
A value-engineered version of our original Tool Display enabled JPW team to leverage existing components for a quick turn-around, low cost, high-viz display for use in a variety of locations across multiple channels.
With total flexibility in our system, all displays can be updated for use across a wide range of products and brands. Our goal is to make your display solutions work hard, so that you don’t have to.
At Nashville we help our customers to Display Responsibly. Reach out now to see how we can build consistency in your display system for efficient updates.