About Us


Nashville Display is a well-established manufacturer of custom, permanent point-of-purchase displays, store fixtures, and in-store signage. Founded in 1950 as a division of parent company Nashville Wire our experienced in-house design and production teams develop solutions to meet every display challenge.  Our solutions help brands and retailers stand out in order to sell more products.
Today, our company operates as a third-generation, family-run business.  Our senior leadership team’s entrepreneurial spirit guides our strategic growth. A company culture of continuous improvement ensures that we invest in new technologies, systems improvements, capacity maximization, efficiency optimization, and recruitment of highly qualified talent. This commitment to our culture translates into speed-to-market, budget optimization, and consistent, high-quality results for our clients.
To accommodate client lead-time and budget constraints, we can supplement our high-quality domestic production capacity with offshore sourcing to create blended program solutions.  With an emphasis on collaboration and responsiveness, Nashville Display has built a trusted reputation as the company that will “get it done” accurately, efficiently, on time, and on budget… every time.


Nashville Display has a strong balance sheet, offering financial security and instilling trust and confidence in those who partner with us. Working with Nashville Display will provide the peace of mind you expect from a valued partner, who understands your business dynamics, delivers consistently successful programs, and has the financial muscle to continue operations during challenging economic times. Our strong balance sheet enables financial security for all our partners.


Our manufacturing capabilities are nimble and enable us to shift production among our domestic facilities and engage overseas capacity, as needed, working in all materials.
We stay on top of client needs for innovation and speed-to-market by monitoring the industry – tracking retail trends, shopper behavior, and supply chain visibility.
We collaborate with your key stakeholders to develop a collaborative program that results in deliverables agreed upon in advance. Our project dashboard details every project stage, and we take ownership of meeting deadlines, change management, and full disclosure of updates.



We understand the need to get your programs in-store quickly, and we are ready to get started. Nashville Display will give you quotes in hours, not days…fast and accurate prototyping…delivery in days, not weeks.

In addition to offering custom display solutions, Nashville Display offers an extensive range of stock displays and fixtures that efficiently utilize limited space and boost visual appeal. Our ability to do so will maximize sales while minimizing replenishment requirements, thus ensuring year-round usage and creating more ROI in smaller spaces.

Sophisticated domestic production capacity is supplemented with offshore sourcing to accommodate a blended program solution better suited to accommodating clients’ lead time and budget constraints. With an emphasis on collaboration and responsiveness, Nashville Display has built a trusted reputation as the company that will “get it done” accurately, efficiently, on time, and on budget… every time.



The future is a circular economy with no waste in products or manufacturing. It demands that we rethink how we source, manufacture, distribute, use, and recover.
Nashville Display is committed to our planet. We are constantly striving for new and improved ways to reduce, recycle and lessen our carbon footprint on our environment.

  • We have an ongoing investment strategy in energy-efficient equipment; variable speed compressors, electric press brakes, and LED lighting throughout facilities.
  • Production planning to utilize local resources and explore sustainable alternative products.
  • Laser-cutting technology and robotics in welding optimize material utilization and greatly reduces scrap generation.
  • Custom cartons are designed and produced in-house for all major programs, with inserts produced from recyclable materials for optimal materials handling throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Updated energy-efficient light fixtures installed throughout production and office locations for an improved environment and reduced costs.
  • Our ‘no waste’ policy applies to the following:
    1. raw materials – designed for efficient use and recycling overages
    2. powder coating – non-hazardous, reduce emissions, recycle
    3. labor – effective workflow process to avoid double handling and streamline the production process
    4. energy – increased automation improves output and reduces total energy consumption
    5. shipping – engineering for optimal carton and pallet usage for road or ocean transportation
    6. utilities – motion activated lighting in all office areas reduces energy waste
    7. water – wastewater from production processes is treated by a permitted vendor
    8. oil – removed from wastewater and recycled
    9. travel – use technology for instant connectivity and decisions in real-time

Committed to our environment, our communities, our future