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ultimate impulse
sales driver


100% increase
in impulse sales

16,000+ locations installed

How many retailers are taking advantage of the ultimate impulse opportunity for a captive shopper in-store? Many stores are installing q-systems, but does your solution optimize planogram for maximum profit?

Our client’s goal was to introduce clear navigation for their shoppers at the front of the store and to create an opportunity for increased impulse sales before hitting the check-out. Here is the brief:

  • Develop a solution that solves current in-store confusion at the front end.
  • Use merchandising solutions to help guide shoppers to the check-out lane.
  • Increase impulse sales by capitalizing on a captive audience.
  • Clear financial goals were agreed and the development process began.

With over 5,000 locations nationally and multiple store formats, our solution requires the flexibility to meet a diverse range of product categories and footprints. The development team at Nashville Display kicked off the creative process with emphasis on the following criteria:

  • Some degree of modularity or systemization was required for ease of planograming different store formats – working within budget parameters
  • Merchandising solutions required to accommodate the 10-12 different product categories currently serviced by check-out fixtures.
  • Maximum height determined to maintain clear sight lines from check-out.
  • System to be future-proofed for ease of configuration as space and planograms are updated to accommodate new products.

The initial system solution was developed and refined over two months then approved for robust in-store trial to measure sales uplift and fully test all aspects of the physical solution. With a common store format in mind, initial test stores were selected, and a 5-panel queuing system was installed in each location.

  • Following 6 weeks of evaluation, impulse sales increased by 100% across test stores resulting in an expedited roll-out program
  • The latest system evolution now accommodates 9 panels per average store and more than 20 product categories
  • Q-system has been installed in almost 90% of store locations
  • Ongoing analysis of performance data enabled us to create an algorithm for optimal space utilization and maximum increase in sales across impulse categories

If your goal is to increase impulse sales and you are looking for impressive ROI, Nashville Display would be happy to evaluate your current performance and present you with a solution that delivers sustainable results.