We don’t rest on our past achievements here at Nashville Display—we’re always on to bigger and better and brighter. And the only way to get there is by continually reinvesting in our technologies and our training. Today we’re proud to announce two new and innovative ways of serving our customers and delivering more value:


The TruLaser 3030 brings our productivity to a higher level of speed, accuracy, and quality. Offering perfect quality and perfect edges, this 6000-kilowatt fiber laser is fully automated to process entire pallets of sheet metal, even with varying thicknesses. With a focus on reducing prep time, reducing waste, and reducing overall production time, the TruLaser 3030is a new key player in our lineup.


The Miller PerformArc Robotic Welder is another fully automated solution that significantly reduces production time while ensuring the highest quality. Each Nashville Display production location will receive one of these game-changing systems so that we can provide our customers with absolute precision. And with improved material properties, lower distortion, and faster processing speeds, this investment in robotic welding will help Nashville Display deliver superior fixtures even faster.