It’s free standing, offers multiple products, and supports new SKUs and new promotions throughout the year. It creates strong sales for a major brand in a major retailer. And now, it’s an award-winning fixture too: We’re proud to announce that our recent work for longtime client Purina just won a 2017 Creative Editors Choice Award. The Purina Pro Plan display was recognized in the permanent grocery display category for its design innovation and effectiveness.


When Purina required a freestanding, point-of-purchase display for its Pro Plan products, they asked Nashville Display to create something new and exciting. In order to attract attention to new products, our strategy was to ensure familiar products were placed with convenience for the customer, and then lead them toward these new offerings by building on the trust and familiarity already established.

The engineering challenge was to provide ample durability and arrangement versatility while still providing an easy-to-assemble and lightweight display. The fixture was designed to offer maximized display surfaces supported by ample and easy storage. And with its hinged deck, there’s a hidden compartment for extra shelving, so reconfiguration is easy, parts are never lost, and everything tucks away neatly for ideal retail presentation.


The results: 100% ROI on the display investment was achieved in less than 90 days, retail locations featuring the display are generating more sales dollars per week for targeted products.