And Helping Nestle Purina Stand Out to 600 New Accounts


Great work means nothing without great service. Our Nashville Display clients look to us to help them connect with new customers and stand out in competitive environments. We’ve been working with Nestle Purina  for four years now, and are proud that they’ve become part of our success story. It’s easy to say you stand behind your products, but a lot harder to do it—unless above-and-beyond service is baked into your DNA.


We’ve been racking up magazine coverage for our Merriman Award lately, and this new article from Retail Environments Magazine provides some insight on the process and the level of service big brands like Nestle Purina need from their display partners in order to activate new accounts with efficiency and sustainability: displays that create a real “wow” reaction and work the way they’re supposed to, displays that deliver when every first impression can make or break a retailer relationship.