In today’s highly competitive retail landscape, cost can often drive the decision on a fixture program. Nashville Display’s highly competitive pricing makes a great domestic choice. However, when those pressures on price and time are heavy, Nashville Display can also offer import pricing.


As part of that outstanding service, we travel to China frequently to ensure the highest quality standards and for large rollouts as needed. Our hands-on approach was practiced in October when we visited our Asia facility to review packaging and inspect prototype and first-run items.


Once that work was completed, we took the opportunity to observe a wide variety of products being manufactured to get some inspiration and incorporate those processes and components into our products. We visited a carbon fiber bicycle plant, a steel mill, and a zinc plating line manufacturer where they were plating plastic—something we’ve never seen before, and a huge innovation.  


For years we’ve traveled to China on business, and in all those trips, it was multiple factories a day, dinners well into the night, and no time to experience the beautiful culture. This trip was the exception: We got to spend a day at the Great Wall, and experience the growing craft beer industry in Beijing.

We’re pleased to report that our Chinese partners continue to provide quality products at a low price, meeting our Nashville Display standard for customer value.