At Nashville Display we’re always seeking to provide our clients with the most innovative designs, at the highest quality, and with the shortest production times. And this autumn we’re excited to get to work using our newest acquisition in cutting-edge technology, the TruBend 7036 press.


With its blend of precision, efficiency, and user-friendliness, our new TruBend 7036 is designed to make perfect bends every time. Its direct drive torque motor runs without a gearbox and generates high torque at low speeds, creating the optimal conditions for Nashville Display customer needs.



The press itself is a marvel of technology and amazing to watch in action: A bending line laser projects the bend line onto the surface of the sheet metal part before bending, ensuring that its operators bend parts correctly each time. These features will enable our experts to bend metal parts perfectly and consistently, even at maximum output volumes.


One of the new TruBend machine’s features that our Nashville Display team is most excited about is the capability to produce perfectly rounded corners, giving us the ability to manufacture an even more diverse array of parts at scale. Now our design team has even more flexibility when designing displays that help your products stand out from the rest.