Our world has been overloaded with information and advertising for decades. But now, after years of internet and mobile technology advances, the noise to signal ratio is even worse—there’s so much information going past, we tend to ignore most of it. So it’s become even more difficult to connect with prospective buyers, because human attention is now a very scarce commodity.

Whether watching videos on YouTube, searching on Google, or even checking in on Facebook, today’s consumers now expect to receive services in exchange for their attention. And often what the consumer receives are personalized services—relevant news and recommendations based on their own preferences and previous behaviors.

How can you stand out against all of this noise, and how can you offer a retail environment that provides the engagement that consumers crave? When consumers have entered your retail store, they’re in a space that you can control. And by embracing design-driven store layouts, fixture innovation, and consumer technology, you can hold attention, keep customers engaged in-store longer, and stand out against competitors even when customers aren’t in your store. Here are three essential principles for creating a retail experience that works for you in the attention economy:



Cold, sterile, and boring displays, fixtures, and décor practically beg to be ignored and forgotten. By introducing elements of emotion into your presentation—color, textures, visuals, and language—your inventory comes alive and can help support your overall brand offer.



Use your fixtures and signage to tell customers where their purchase fits into their lives. Help create stories around your products or product categories, and use your store space to tell those stories. Even staple items can be imbued with more value to support price premiums with stories that we can relate to, be entertained by, or be inspired by.



With today’s technology, it’s not difficult to offer customers in-store experiences that better align with their online experiences. Can your retail environment offer screens for viewing less accessible inventory? How about kiosks for logging into your account? Or even just spaces ideal for Instagram opportunities? Help your customers create a connection between their passions and your store.


Don’t settle for fading into the noise. You can stand out and grab more attention with Nashville Display. We design, prototype, and manufacture custom fixtures, displays, and more for major retailers and brands across North America. Contact us today to discuss your retail experience goals, or request a fast quote for your next display project.