There’s a constant war for consumer attention out there on the airwaves, on the internet, and everywhere you go. But retailers have a special advantage: When customers enter your retail space, it’s an opportunity for you to hold their attention, engage them, and provide them with an experience that builds a lasting buying relationship.


In order to justify any premium pricing now, customers expect retailers to offer authentic, engaging shopping experiences that exceed expectations and deliver value. Numerous studies confirm that effectively wrapping an experience around your inventory offering helps to sustain repeat sales and amplify long-term sales trends.

So how do you create an engaging retail experience? Brands and retailers of every scale can achieve memorable and immersive retail shopping experiences that drive sales by focusing on these fundamentals:

Stand Out:

Boring isn’t right for anybody. Sometimes your customers may not perceive a real differentiator between you and your competitors. That’s where standing out and being unique in your store space can work wonders. By creating a physical retail environment that is fresh, distinct from competitors, and fun to explore, retailers can encourage customers to engage longer, browse more inventory, and make a stronger mental distinction between what you offer and what your competitors offer.


Bring It In:

The internet isn’t going away and mobile shopping is going to grow. But for those retailers offering both a web and physical shopping experience, bringing the web experience into the retail environment creates comfort, confidence, and convenience for your shoppers. You can coordinate design, connect systems, and even offer interactive screens that help customers explore inventory or your space.


Be a Mirror:

An engaging retail experience can also allow customers to see themselves the way they want to be—reflecting the aspirational, the solution, the power, and the pleasure of the purchase. Your whole retail experience and in-store purchase process can make customers feel they’re not just buying something, but changing their lives, by presenting inventory in strategically crafted spaces that reflect their aspirations.


Competition is heating up, and the bar is being set ever higher. Nashville Display designs, prototypes, and manufactures custom fixtures, displays, and more for major retailers and brands across North America. Contact us today to discuss your retail experience goals, or request a fast quote for your next display project.