Ryman Auditorium

Grand Opening Redesign


Located in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, the Ryman Auditorium was the home of the Grand Ole Opry from 1943 to 1974. The Ryman has hosted an endless assortment of musical talent over the years, and today it continues to be Nashville’s most respected venue for musical performances by major talents. A centerpiece of the Nashville experience, where American country music was first broadcast to the world, the Ryman is now a national historic landmark.


Authenticity is key to the Ryman experience. When a new gift shop and café were integrated into the complex, Nashville Display was there to help extend the history and aesthetics of the “Mother Church of Country Music” into these new spaces. Beyond the importance of visual consistency, space is at a premium in the new shop, while traffic volume can be very high. Hanging shelf and apparel inventory mix with a wide variety of items, requiring unique and innovative design.


Nashville Display utilized 100-year-old reclaimed wood mixed with powder-coated steel cabinets to create a unique presentation of products—and a simple efficient checkout configuration. A number of tables were made using laminated finishes with steel legs and frames to create impactful multi-level presentations. The tables are made into a number of configurations to present a mixture of products. Clear-coated raw steel hang-bars and face-outs complement wood shelves and metal brackets to create a high-impact wall presentation.

Ryman Auditorium Ryman Auditorium
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