LifeWay Christian Store


LifeWay, based in Nashville, Tennessee, is one of the largest providers of Christian books and resources in the world. Nashville Display has provided fixture design and manufacturing for the retail chain, which has 186 locations across the United States, for more than a decade.


LifeWay is committed to continually updating their stores to be relevant to today’s consumer while staying true to their mission. Recently, they tasked Nashville Display with creating a fixture for displaying a new series of toys. Lifeway required a greater degree of flexibility built into the fixture, and naturally the fixtures had to engineered with their unique retail spaces in mind.


Within a week, Nashville Display returned with a concept. And with just a few collaborative tweaks, a prototype was delivered a week later. The Lifeway team has been very satisfied with the results achieved in the test stores, and the new fixture design will be rolled out to additional locations over the next year, with the expectation of becoming standard in all Lifeway locations.

LifeWay Christian Store
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