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Store Fixture Design and Manufacturing


When national restaurant and retail chain Cracker Barrel developed a new store concept, Nashville Display was tasked with developing display fixtures that would accommodate smaller spaces and appeal to a broader audience, from baby boomers to millennials. We identified and incorporated materials to marry the old with the new, providing a functional display with an authentic aesthetic aligned with the Cracker Barrel brand’s core values of simplicity, honesty, and tradition.


Cracker Barrel needed to house an ever-changing and wide-ranging selection of merchandise while creating appealing displays both inside and out. But it was critical to maintain the integrity of the Cracker Barrel brand, while introducing something fresh. And since this fixture was designed for a new, smaller concept retail space, reducing physical footprint while maintaining the same sales per square foot as a larger space was critical to success. Nashville Display went to work, developing a unit that can work within any and every planogram thrown at it, and provide enough flexibility to accept and display nearly any kind of product.


The new fixture maximizes the available sales floor space by allowing more merchandising options that can be easily and quickly adapted to multiple needs: more SKUs, more inventory on the shelf, all in a smaller footprint. The fixture features highly durable frames that ensure years of usage, while surfaces are easily transformed with fresh graphics for new promotions or holidays. Now Cracker Barrel can display a wide range of different products from small shelf items to hanging apparel with a single unit, with functional and decorative pieces integrated into one element.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store New Store Cracker Barrel Old Country Store New Store Cracker Barrel Old Country Store New Store
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