Recently, we talked to our friends at Shop! for their retail buyers’ guide about what makes Nashville Display stand out and sell more. Here’s what we discussed…

How does Nashville Display support retailers?

Nashville Display develops concepts and creates displays that promote and sell product at the retail level. We support our retail clients from the beginning to the end of the process: Creating ideas that stand out to consumers and support business goals, bringing those ideas to life by rapidly prototyping, testing, and manufacturing the design at any quantity needed, and finally by providing seamless logistical support and delivery.

What is Nashville Display known for?

A family-owned business, we’ve been designing and manufacturing high-quality, high-utility retail display products for decades. Our customers come to us and stay with us for our manufacturing versatility, problem solving, speed to market, manufacturing capacity, and customer service. And with our financial strength thanks to owner/operator leadership that continually reinvests in people and processes, Nashville Display customers are now located around the world.

What is your business philosophy?

Dependability, transparency, partnerships, and commitments: At Nashville Display, we hold these values high with our customers, our employees, our vendors, and our community. Because we know that our  profitability rests solely in our ability to reinvest in our tools, our skills, and our town—growing relationships that stand the test of time, and growing innovations that help all businesses become something more. When believe that when we really take care of our customers, everything else takes care of itself.

What is your company’s greatest strength:

Nashville Display’s employees are the foundation of our success and our customers’ success, as well as our ability to offer high capacity and high quality—thanks to their outstanding problem solving abilities, and their shared and deep commitment to exceptional customer service.

Why do your clients love to do business with you?

When you have a partner you can really depend on, when you have someone who’s as committed to achieving your business goals as you are, it’s easier to collaborate and create success efficiently. Nashville Display is the dependable team that stays hands-on with our customers the whole way, keeping their urgency in focus, and always trying to exceed their expectations, even when it comes to price competitiveness.

What makes Nashville Display innovative?

Nashville Display’s world-class production facilities and the equipment within them are continually upgraded and improved to keep our products and solutions on the cutting edge of culture, economy, effectiveness, and efficiency. And our re-investment always includes our talented staff as well, enhancing skills and team members.

How do you add value to a project?

With our dedicated in-house design team, Nashville Display adds value to every project with our extensive retail knowledge, and our deep understanding of retailer and brand needs—always seeing what can work best in the retail environment to achieve specific objectives. Our commitment to your success even extends to being onsite for your support once the new displays arrive for deployment.

Finally, what is your dream project/client?

Nashville Display is ready to take on challenges, large and small, simple or complex, tried-and-true or something completely new. We’ve served the biggest retailers for decades, designing and manufacturing

High-volume projects, and we’re excited to dream big and deliver displays that deliver sales for your retail operation.

We don’t rest on our past achievements here at Nashville Display—we’re always on to bigger and better and brighter. And the only way to get there is by continually reinvesting in our technologies and our training. Today we’re proud to announce two new and innovative ways of serving our customers and delivering more value:


The TruLaser 3030 brings our productivity to a higher level of speed, accuracy, and quality. Offering perfect quality and perfect edges, this 6000-kilowatt fiber laser is fully automated to process entire pallets of sheet metal, even with varying thicknesses. With a focus on reducing prep time, reducing waste, and reducing overall production time, the TruLaser 3030is a new key player in our lineup.


The Miller PerformArc Robotic Welder is another fully automated solution that significantly reduces production time while ensuring the highest quality. Each Nashville Display production location will receive one of these game-changing systems so that we can provide our customers with absolute precision. And with improved material properties, lower distortion, and faster processing speeds, this investment in robotic welding will help Nashville Display deliver superior fixtures even faster.

Our world has been overloaded with information and advertising for decades. But now, after years of internet and mobile technology advances, the noise to signal ratio is even worse—there’s so much information going past, we tend to ignore most of it. So it’s become even more difficult to connect with prospective buyers, because human attention is now a very scarce commodity.

Whether watching videos on YouTube, searching on Google, or even checking in on Facebook, today’s consumers now expect to receive services in exchange for their attention. And often what the consumer receives are personalized services—relevant news and recommendations based on their own preferences and previous behaviors.

How can you stand out against all of this noise, and how can you offer a retail environment that provides the engagement that consumers crave? When consumers have entered your retail store, they’re in a space that you can control. And by embracing design-driven store layouts, fixture innovation, and consumer technology, you can hold attention, keep customers engaged in-store longer, and stand out against competitors even when customers aren’t in your store. Here are three essential principles for creating a retail experience that works for you in the attention economy:



Cold, sterile, and boring displays, fixtures, and décor practically beg to be ignored and forgotten. By introducing elements of emotion into your presentation—color, textures, visuals, and language—your inventory comes alive and can help support your overall brand offer.



Use your fixtures and signage to tell customers where their purchase fits into their lives. Help create stories around your products or product categories, and use your store space to tell those stories. Even staple items can be imbued with more value to support price premiums with stories that we can relate to, be entertained by, or be inspired by.



With today’s technology, it’s not difficult to offer customers in-store experiences that better align with their online experiences. Can your retail environment offer screens for viewing less accessible inventory? How about kiosks for logging into your account? Or even just spaces ideal for Instagram opportunities? Help your customers create a connection between their passions and your store.


Don’t settle for fading into the noise. You can stand out and grab more attention with Nashville Display. We design, prototype, and manufacture custom fixtures, displays, and more for major retailers and brands across North America. Contact us today to discuss your retail experience goals, or request a fast quote for your next display project.

There’s no denying that the retail game has been changed radically by Internet shopping. Today, if consumers want something fast, cheap, and easy, they just go online and order it. So if they’ve actually bothered to visit your physical retail operation, they must be looking for something more.


Numerous studies have shown experiences create more perceived value than actual goods or services. According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Journal, “in today’s service economy, businesses must deliberately design engaging experiences that command a consumer fee.” If customers now expect brands to create an authentic shopping experience beyond the standard, then we must master the “4T” framework that keeps customers engaged and enthused to buy:


  1. TOUCH IT: Your secret weapon against online retailers—the power of actually touching the product.
  2. TRY IT ON: Make it easy for customers to comfortably experience your products for themselves.
  3. TRY IT OUT: Customer-centric policies make it easier for customers to shop with confidence.
  4. TALK TO EXPERTS: Direct, human, one-to-one conversations with customers build rapport and trust.


At Nashville Display, we help our retail clients create a consistent and cohesive environment where your customers can enjoy a true experience. We design, prototype, and manufacture custom fixtures, displays, and more for major retailers and brands across North America. Contact us today to discuss your retail experience goals, or request a fast quote for your next display project.

What retail apocalypse? Sure, and Wal-Mart are dominating by volume. And mall-based retailers like JC Penney and Sears are naturally suffering since nobody goes to malls anymore. But is there really a storm destroying businesses, or have business models simply failed to keep up with consumer desires?



Dollar General will open 1,846 new stores, remodel 1,568 stores, and relocate 219 stores this year. Dick’s Sporting Goods will open 20 stores in 2018. And Costco Wholesale will open 28 new locations. So what’s really driving the perception of dying retail? Besides the collapse of mall culture, and the advance of e-commerce, what’s really shifting American buying habits is the experience economy.


Customers expect retailers to offer authentic, engaging shopping experiences that exceed expectations and deliver value. Find some great insights on creating an engaging retail experience here. And when you’re ready to create a more profitable experience in your retail environment, Nashville Wire is ready to help you. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities, or get a fast quote now.

There’s a constant war for consumer attention out there on the airwaves, on the internet, and everywhere you go. But retailers have a special advantage: When customers enter your retail space, it’s an opportunity for you to hold their attention, engage them, and provide them with an experience that builds a lasting buying relationship.


In order to justify any premium pricing now, customers expect retailers to offer authentic, engaging shopping experiences that exceed expectations and deliver value. Numerous studies confirm that effectively wrapping an experience around your inventory offering helps to sustain repeat sales and amplify long-term sales trends.

So how do you create an engaging retail experience? Brands and retailers of every scale can achieve memorable and immersive retail shopping experiences that drive sales by focusing on these fundamentals:

Stand Out:

Boring isn’t right for anybody. Sometimes your customers may not perceive a real differentiator between you and your competitors. That’s where standing out and being unique in your store space can work wonders. By creating a physical retail environment that is fresh, distinct from competitors, and fun to explore, retailers can encourage customers to engage longer, browse more inventory, and make a stronger mental distinction between what you offer and what your competitors offer.


Bring It In:

The internet isn’t going away and mobile shopping is going to grow. But for those retailers offering both a web and physical shopping experience, bringing the web experience into the retail environment creates comfort, confidence, and convenience for your shoppers. You can coordinate design, connect systems, and even offer interactive screens that help customers explore inventory or your space.


Be a Mirror:

An engaging retail experience can also allow customers to see themselves the way they want to be—reflecting the aspirational, the solution, the power, and the pleasure of the purchase. Your whole retail experience and in-store purchase process can make customers feel they’re not just buying something, but changing their lives, by presenting inventory in strategically crafted spaces that reflect their aspirations.


Competition is heating up, and the bar is being set ever higher. Nashville Display designs, prototypes, and manufactures custom fixtures, displays, and more for major retailers and brands across North America. Contact us today to discuss your retail experience goals, or request a fast quote for your next display project.

Our team here at Nashville Display is thrilled to be a finalist for the Merman Above and Beyond Award presented by Shop! Retail Environments.

Read the full feature here.

At Nashville Display, we continually reinvest in our talent and our technology.


That’s because we’re not just committed to staying ahead of the game, but also to keeping our customers positioned to win, every day, with award winning displays for years to come.


Today we’d like to introduce our latest pride and joy, the TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber, the current height of technology for cutting tubing and pipes.

The TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber delivers extreme precision at incredible speeds. It’s designed for high-quality industrial applications.


And with its modular systems, smart automation, and incredibly short processing times, this machine gives Nashville Display customers the biggest range of tubes with the most expedient production.


With the TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber, high feed rates are possible even on smaller contours. And with its single-cutting-head design, we can now process multiple material types and thicknesses without changing the cutting head.


The machine also identifies weld seams or markings in order to align each tube correctly on the machine, while its advanced control mechanism keeps the focal position of the laser constant and automatically adapts it to the material.


We invite you to come in and take a look at what Nashville Display can do for your next project with this incredible new technology.

It’s free standing, offers multiple products, and supports new SKUs and new promotions throughout the year. It creates strong sales for a major brand in a major retailer. And now, it’s an award-winning fixture too: We’re proud to announce that our recent work for longtime client Purina just won a 2017 Creative Editors Choice Award. The Purina Pro Plan display was recognized in the permanent grocery display category for its design innovation and effectiveness.


When Purina required a freestanding, point-of-purchase display for its Pro Plan products, they asked Nashville Display to create something new and exciting. In order to attract attention to new products, our strategy was to ensure familiar products were placed with convenience for the customer, and then lead them toward these new offerings by building on the trust and familiarity already established.

The engineering challenge was to provide ample durability and arrangement versatility while still providing an easy-to-assemble and lightweight display. The fixture was designed to offer maximized display surfaces supported by ample and easy storage. And with its hinged deck, there’s a hidden compartment for extra shelving, so reconfiguration is easy, parts are never lost, and everything tucks away neatly for ideal retail presentation.


The results: 100% ROI on the display investment was achieved in less than 90 days, retail locations featuring the display are generating more sales dollars per week for targeted products.



At Nashville Display, we’re constantly searching for new ways to help our clients stay competitive and stand out. And in today’s retail environments, that means designing displays that can attract customers to a product right away and hold their attention, all the way to purchase. So incorporating eye-catching, beautiful, and durable signage into our retail displays is one of the most effective ways we make sure your product gets all the attention.


So today, we’re very proud to announce that we have added a new Canon Océ Arizona 6170 XTS UV flatbed printer to our production plant in Dover, Tennessee. The largest, fastest, and highest-quality printer we have ever had onsite at Nashville Display, this incredible new investment allows us to print media that can reach nearly 10 feet by 8 feet.


The new Canon Océ printer can actually ensure that every piece of material is lined up perfectly with the printer before starting, reducing waste and helping to lower costs. Another innovation: It also prints in white ink, a rare capability that can dramatically improve the look of many graphics. And, with its super-high print resolution, now any large image or graphic, no matter how detailed, can be printed perfectly on almost any substrate including paper, plastic, glass, metal, wood, acrylic, vinyl, and cloth.


Sandy Davis, Nashville Display print shop manager, says “It’s a time saver; we can almost print double the amount of graphics that we used to. We really love this new printer.”