There’s no denying that the retail game has been changed radically by Internet shopping. Today, if consumers want something fast, cheap, and easy, they just go online and order it. So if they’ve actually bothered to visit your physical retail operation, they must be looking for something more.


Numerous studies have shown experiences create more perceived value than actual goods or services. According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Journal, “in today’s service economy, businesses must deliberately design engaging experiences that command a consumer fee.” If customers now expect brands to create an authentic shopping experience beyond the standard, then we must master the “4T” framework that keeps customers engaged and enthused to buy:


  1. TOUCH IT: Your secret weapon against online retailers—the power of actually touching the product.
  2. TRY IT ON: Make it easy for customers to comfortably experience your products for themselves.
  3. TRY IT OUT: Customer-centric policies make it easier for customers to shop with confidence.
  4. TALK TO EXPERTS: Direct, human, one-to-one conversations with customers build rapport and trust.


At Nashville Display, we help our retail clients create a consistent and cohesive environment where your customers can enjoy a true experience. We design, prototype, and manufacture custom fixtures, displays, and more for major retailers and brands across North America. Contact us today to discuss your retail experience goals, or request a fast quote for your next display project.